Fine Artwear by Curated Clothing Co.

At Curated Clothing, we’re turning premium apparel in to “Fine Artwear.” Our focus is to provide rotating collections of unique, American-made swimwear of the highest quality. By incorporating artworks from meticulously selected artists, Curated Clothing provides a platform of exhibition for artists and the most stylish and functional swimwear available anywhere.


Founder John-Marshall Stubbs has always had an affinity for the artistic. Growing up, Stubbs spent a significant amount of time at art fairs and in his mother’s gallery featuring artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Basquiat. Upon completing Babson University’s MBA program in 2014, a desire to blend artistic passion and entrepreneurial spirit sparked the idea the idea to put art on well-made, luxury swimwear. The result is Curated Clothing, and a line of swimsuits worth collecting.


Mass production is a fast track method of cheapening both the art and the product. At Curated, our American-made trunks are always released as exclusive collections. Every summer there are new, limited release products and pieces to look forward to.


Each pair of our peach fuzz polyester trunks comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Through the use of sublimation printing technology, we reproduce original pieces of art in a hi-res digital print that will never fade, crack, or peel, unlike canvas. From the wall to your waist!