Nature Abstracted: Robyn Geddes, Kathie Cox, Scott Carroll

28 January - 21 February 2005



Artist’s Statement


In general, I tend not to describe my work in that I prefer viewers to experience it and form their own opinions.  Certain elements or concepts continue to influence my work, and I’ll attempt to define those:


For one, my background in geology and my interest in natural forces tend to shape my work as a whole.  In nature, time and circumstance are what create everything—geologic formations, weather, species.  In human nature, they combine to create relationships.  Time and circumstance create a moment, each moment unique, natural forces moving together or pulling apart.  However, we’re never sure at the time what the moment is producing, whether it’s a union or a separation, creation or destruction.  Nothing stands still.  Each moment is full of change. 


As for my formal training, I studied geology and graduated from the University of Texas.  In 1988, I decided to pursue my life-long interest in creating art.   I was fortunate to gain an apprentice under artist Norman Petersen for two years in San Francisco. He worked in a variety of materials—stone, glass, steel, wood—and it was an incredible, condensed learning experience for me.  In 1991, I relocated to Dallas, TX and opened my own studio, where I worked for the last decade.  In 2003 my family and I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains.





Artist’s Statement


For the past ten years Geddes has incorporated birds in a variety of

themes into his work, using untraditional methods and experimenting heavily with materials and drawing.  These themes include religious iconography, the abstraction of field manuals, the remarques of printing as well as other ideas which defy any categorization.





Artist’s Statement


Kathie Cox is a sculptor and photographer. A native Texan, she attended the University of Texas at Austin and North Texas State University, graduating in 1970. After teaching in Dallas for three years, Kathie began studying photography and developed her skills as a nature and wildlife photographer. Her photographs have been exhibited in several group shows, as well as five one-man shows in the Southwest, including The Dallas Natural History Museum and Collector’s Covey, Dallas.

In 1992 Kathie began studying pottery and figures in clay at Southern Methodist University. When she relocated to New York in 1994, she studied at the highly acclaimed 92nd Street Y, and continued her studies in sculpture and human figure with Judith Weller at the New York Sculpture Center.  Kathie returned to Texas in 2003 and reopened her studio in Athens.