Ana Corbero: New Paintings & sculpture

27 October - 30 November 1994

Ana Corbero is a visual artist whose work includes paintingssculptures,[1] and designs.

Born in 1961, the daughter of Catalan sculptor Xavier Corbero, she studied in the United States (DallasPhiladelphiaNew York City) and has lived in LondonBarcelona, Paris and Beirut. In 1996 she married Nabil Gholam, the Beirut-based architect.[citation needed]

Her figurative works display a sensitivity to the fragility of nature and the delicate relation between humans and their environment, as well as the variety and complexity of people's inheritances from family, culture, and history.[citation needed] The innocence and simultaneous lucidity of childhood is a theme that runs throughout her creations.

Among her landmark creations are large paintings of water surfaces (the 1001 Tears series); colossal sculptures of contemplative, childlike figures (Little BuddhaBuddhito and Buddhette) which have been exhibited in various public urban settings; the Postcards for Every Occasion print series; and the Maus Haus design creations.

Since 2010, and as a direct result of the Israeli/Lebanese war of 2006 Corbero has published two collections of poems: Prickly Pear Poems and Pettered Patter Poems.

In 2013 she held a solo exhibition, I&I = Us, at the Beirut Exhibition Center conveying a pacifist message. It had taken her 18 months to put together.[2]

She has had individual exhibitions in places including LondonBarcelonaMadridNew York CityDallasIstanbulBeirutNapa ValleyTokyo, and Singapore.