Richard Hudson

“My sculpture begins with an idea that surfaces in my imagination unannounced and sometimes uninvited. I start modelling the plasteline, clay, plaster or other materials to give this kernel shape and form, then at this point the final work manifests itself and materializes in my hands.
I remember as a child on our many walks together, my artist mother opening my eyes to the true organic wonders of the world; nature's complexity and it's never ending metamorphosis and yet normally within the structures of beautiful, perfect symmetry. She instilled in me the tenet of how one's originality stems from the line of a pencil, the stroke of a brush or from the forms that evolve from a sculptor's hands.
What I attempt to capture, to enclose, as a kind of homage, is a form around which on every surface it is possible to trace a continuous line that holds frozen in its moment, the flux, shape and movement of the billions of particles that nature draws together from their unbridled chaos to create pure natural beauty...that is the essence of my practice…”