Scott Carroll

Carroll’s wall constructions focus on three-dimensional shapes coming out of a flat plane. From the square, shapes are extended and juxtaposed against each other, resulting in the feeling of movement, either separation or convergence. The subtle movement of the shape lets light and shadow become a part of the piece. As in nature, nothing stays still. The study of plate tectonics shows even the earth is constantly shifting, pulling apart and colliding together, in the creation of new places. Forms that appear solid and constant are actually moving, albeit at a geologic pace.


Monumental Sculpture 
Through his sculptures, Scott Carroll strives to balance powerful, symmetrical compositions with the open space that surrounds them. These sculptural shapes define, divide and inhabit their environment, resulting in works that both impose their presence and boldly integrate themselves within the space. Although massive in scale and weight, his works are contemplative and quiet, allowing the viewer to be taken in by their dramatic presence. Each 1500 lb. sculpture is delicately balanced and fused thus contradicting Carroll’s choice of medium, which cannot escape the force of gravity. In addition to interacting with their surroundings, these sculptures actively involve the viewer in defining their meaning. Scott Carroll is interested in evoking emotions and an element of mystery, as if entering a maze of unending walled separations, or encountering open and closed doors. Each angle of view changes our perception: protective shelter or forced barrier?